1) Your ideal sexual locale is:
a) the back seat of a big, phat car
b) a big pool of Jell-O
c) a scenic Bed and Breakfast
d) your honeymoon suite
e) under the bleachers at a football game

2) You believe that you should only sleep with:
a) the person you’re married to
b) the person you are in love with
c) people who make you laugh
d) the hottest person within reach
e) your “bitch”

3) If your partner were to role-play during sex, he would be:
a) Superman
b) Michael Jordan
c) Bruce Lee
d) You want me to what?
e) Why mess with perfection?

4) A night of love-making would include:
a) scented candles
b) edible body paints and a cape
c) you, him, a blanket, and the stars
d) a rubber ducky
e) baby blue satin sheets

5) During sex, you would most likely hear:
a) “Ride it, ride it, ride it. We’re gonna get this crunk!”
b) “I love you”
c) “Oh Lois!”
d) No words need to be spoken. It’s all in his eyes
e) “TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!”

6) The one food item that you would be most likely to use during sex:
a) Nutella
b) Fluff and Pixy Stix
c) I’ll never be that kinky
d) a buffet
e) Capt’n Crunch

7) Store you would stop at to stock up on supplies for your night of romance:
a) Nike Town
b) Bath and Body works
c) Super Stop and Shop
d) Yankee Candle
e) Spencer’s Gifts

8) Which *N SYNC song would best describe your relationship?
a) (God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You.
b) Giddy Up
c) For the Girl Who Has Everything
d) I Want You Back
e) I Just Wanna Be With You

9) Your relationship would last:
a) forever
b) till YOU say its over
c) till HE says its over
d) till the games are over
e) till his perfection starts to make you worry.

10) The morning after would include:
a) breakfast in bed, you know, cookies and stuff.
b) More sex
c) Waking up in his arms for a long talk about your future together.
d) Saturday morning cartoons and his specialty, made just for you,pop-tarts
e) Discussion of how great HE was.

1) (a)1 (b)2 (c)3 (d)5 (e)4
2) (a)5 (b)3 (c)4 (d)2 (e)1
3) (a)2 (b)1 (c)4 (d)5 (e)3
4) (a)5 (b)2 (c)3 (d)4 (e)1
5) (a)1 (b)5 (c)2 (d)3 (e)4
6) (a)3 (b)4 (c)5 (d)2 (e)1
7) (a)1 (b)3 (c)2 (d)5 (e)4
8) (a)5 (b)1 (c)3 (d)4 (e)2
9) (a)5 (b)2 (c)5 (d)4 (e)3
10) (a)3 (b)2 (c)5 (d)4 (e)

Mostly 1’s
You and Justin are Perfect for each other. He thinks of himself first, and evidently you think of him first too. You’ll spend the duration of your relationship talking about how great he is and how you can make him look better. Have fun.
Mostly 2’s
I think we may have found a candidate for the new Mrs. Joey Fatone. You’re willing to ride in the back seat on the ego train and kind of like the kinky side of life. Hope you’re willing to deal with a superhero complex and can cook like his mamma.
Mostly 3’s
You lucky, lucky girl. You’ve been matched with perfection. JC is a dream come true. He thinks of you both, and will make your fantasies come to life. You may not be looking at a permanent relationship just yet, but this one could last a while if you play your cards right.
Mostly 4’s
Just because Chris doesn’t take life completely seriously, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care. He will make your life a thrilling roller coaster ride for the duration of your fling, just don’t be looking for anything serious. Chris has a history of short love affairs.
Mostly 5’s
Hope mom and dad are ready for a son-in-law. Lance takes love seriously. This relationship is a forever affair. If you’re ready to settle down to conventional love and kindness this is the relationship for you. Don’t wait up for anything kinky… purely natural is his way to love.