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GoToworld.com lets you make money by using their Mini Portal or their Instant Messenger. Or both. You can make twice as much this way. They also have a good referral program. I don't really recommend this one but if you wanna try it then go ahead. However I did get my first check from them a couple months ago. Click on the banner to check it out.

AllAdvantage is the original "Get Paid to Surf" company. It's the only one that actually pays a flat rate. Each hour you get paid 50 cents I believe. Even though you can only get paid for 15 hours of using their Viewbar, it's still a great program. Much better than GoToworld. I really recommend you try this one. Click below if you want more information.

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Unlike other Get Paid to Surf programs, Utopiad doesn't have a limit on how long you can use their ValueBar. This is another one of my favorites. Their ValueBar is very easy to use and doesn't get in your way like many other programs. I definitely recommend this one. Last month I made almost $10 as opposed to Gotoworld in which I made only a couple of dollars. They also pay you quarterly (4 times a year) on assigned months so you know when you should be expecting your check. Click on the banner to check it out yourself.