If you have had any encounters with Joey or NSync, please email queenj085@yahoo.com. Thanks.

I went to the Las Vegas concert and we were walking through the MGM casino and I just looked up and he was standing there right infront of me. I could hardly breath! I walked up t him and opened my mouth but nothing would come out. I was in shock. He started to walk away and in total panic I looked to my dad to help me out. He hurriedly yelled, hey Joey do you think that we could get an autograph? And he said yes! That is my Joey encounter. ~BeBe

Hi, I'm e-mailing you in regard to the posting about encounters with Joey. I was at their charity basketball game in Atlanta on August 25, 1999. I arrived about 5 hours early in hopes to meet the guys. I was talking to a security guard outside and I told him how much I wanted to meet 'N Sync. I begged him for a while and he finally said he'd see what he could do. When my friend and I got inside we found our seats which were on the sidelines. We were sitting there talking when Chris runs up to me and grabs my hands and says "Hey sweetie, what's up?" I almost died! I talked to him for a second and he had to get back over to his area. A few minutes later Joey comes up to me and hugs me! He was so incredibly sweet and I got a picture with him. (I was in too much shock to ask for one with Chris.) Joey said he hoped I was having a good time and he'd see me later. Then he had to get back over to the other side of the court where the rest of the guys were. During the basketball game Joey looked directly at me and smiled and waved. It turns out that the security guard had talked to Joey and Chris and told them that a very big fan wanted to meet them. He pointed me out to them and they said they'd be happy to come over and say hi. He didn't get to talk to the other guys, but Joey and Chris were good enough for me! ~Dakota

Hey, Well, here's how it goes. I live in Las Vegas. My best friend who worked with my dad got a job with stage call driving for Nsync. I thought this was so cool because he was really close to the family and everything. Anyway, on April 17,1999 I went down to the MGM to visit my friend. I was just hanging out around the tour buses talking to all of the other drivers and my friend's wife. Well, my friend walked over (my dad had told him I was going to the concert that night.) and was like "Pick up your Meet N Greet pass at 4:30" I was so happy I started laughing like an idiot and almost got hit by one of the buses. So, at 4:30 I went and I met the whole group. I was the ONLY girl in the room that didn't cry or scream. I actually had a decent convo with the guys. THEN on September 16th Joey was in town judging the Hawiian Tropics at my mom's work. She called me up on her break and told me that he was there playing black jack right across from the front desk. So, at 5PM I headed to my mom's work and right when I walked in there was the red head cutie sitting across from the front desk. I walked over and stood watching the game and he turned around and smiled at me and put his hand out for me to shake it so I did so... Then he asked how I had been doing. Well, I spent five hours "with" him. We talked about the concert in November and how I was gonna be 7th row. I got my pic with him and then two days later (he was still judging the pageant) I went to go see the pageant and got to sorta hang with him again. I got another picture with him and went to a water park for the picnic they had for my mom's work! ~Samantha, PooFuNZac@aol.com

My encounter with *Nsync was at Epcot at the "Walt Disney's Very Merry Christmas Parade" taping for ABC. My daughter and I went to the taping and it was awesome! I didn't stand in the crowd of people in frount of the stage, I walked around. I got to meet Steve Fatone(I talked to him for awile and got an awesome picture with him, then I met Lynn(Justins mom), Nikki Deloach(from Innosense, Lynn manages her group), Joey Sr..He was extremely nice, and Tyler(J.C.'s brother). It was awesome!!!! I got the best pictures!!!!! My daughter who is 13 yrs old was so mad that she didn't get to see & meet them. Oh well, she wanted to stay in frount of the stage in order to keep her spot.
... Then last week we were in Orlando in one of the shops. We started talking to the manager about *Nsync and he told us that he was very good friends with Joey. We almost fainted! He is arranging in the next 2 weeks for my daughter and I to come and meet him!!!!! As soon as he gets back from the music awards. We can not wait!!!!!!! Hopefully we will be able to spend some time with him. The manager said he will call us this week! ~Kim

HI, Yeah I met them but it was a total coincidence..I was in the City for the episode of TRL on October 6th with Nsync and Gloria. I was with my Best friend and we were standing outside the studio since 5 in the morning. We met these two girls that were huge Nsync fans to. I love Joey and the three other girls like Justin, Jc and Lance, so it worked out. We were walking past radio city music hall to go and visit One of the girls dads that we met there and heard Celine Dion Singing. Then a Gaurd asked us if we were looking for Nsync. I had my Concert shirt on so it was kind of ovious. We said yes, and the Gaurd told us to stay in front for a little while and they should be comming soon. We wait and wait then a limo came. There was a Pizza box in the Window so We automatically knew it was them (especially joey). Lance got out of the limo and all we could do was scream..Joey Got out next and i screamed his name and he turned and Waved as i was screamin i freakin love you. Then we waited for them to come out after Music of my heart rehearsal (we were the first people to hear them sing the song live). When they came out they asked us why we were screaming. My best friend started to cry and the other two girls couldn't say anything. So i spoke. i told them how much we love them and that all we ever wanted was to meet them..I talked with joey and justin for like 10 minutes. Then the other guys came out (no other girl people were around because they were all at TRL). We talked to Jc Chris and lance. We got pics and autographs with them all. I exchanged screenames with justin and joey, and we talk whenever they are on now.. We chillied with them when they were in the city for the Tree Lighting. So thats my encounter and my joey experience~Long Island <3 Linz <3~

My name is JoBeth and i'm from Lynn Haven,FL. I went to a *//\\// SYNC concert last year on May 13 in Orlando. the day after the concert, I was going downstairs to put my luggage in my car when I looked over towards the elevators to see Joey Fatone hugging his family goodbye and walking out the door. I knew it was him because he was wearing a superman hat and he had flaming red hair. Plus I saw him drive away in his beautiful Acura. Another thing, on the way downstairs before going to the concert, we talked to some girl who was from Brooklyn in the elevator. The same girl that Joey was talking to the day after the concert and saying goodbye to. How do I know it was his family? It was his mom, dad, and cousin!

One day I was at Universal Studios with my family and I was on City Walk and was looking at this little jewlery shop and I heard someone yell Joey and I turn around and he walked right behind me. I took to pictures of him and I told him how much I really like the group and of course him! He was looking so good! He was there at Universal for these awards for people who used to work there. It was the best day of my life!!

It was friday the 29th in detroit. NSYNC had a concert at comerica park. it was very hot that day and I had the airconditioning off in my house. So i decided to go to the mall do a little shopping and visit my sister in law. As I was walking out of hudsons, This gruby looking guy wearing an old pair of jeans and an old looking tshirt and a hat looked a lot like this guy from Nsync. Now i was not a very big NSYNC fan. I looked at him as I was walking I just passed buy. He was staring at me. As I passed by him, He stops me " hey wait" he calls to me. I stop and say yes. He asks me if I was busy that night. I just thought it was some gruby looking guy trying to ask me out, so I tell him "Yes I am". Then he asks me if I want some concert tickets. I figured he wanted me to go to a concert with him or trying to scalp some tickets. But he didn't ask for money and I saw a bunch of tickets with him. So I told him why not. He then asks me how many I want, why winds up giving me for floor seat tickets and says see you at the concert tonight. And says bye, bye. Not until he left and I looked at the tickets, and inspected the tickets well did I realize that that was joey fatone from NSYNC. Then I started acting Like a 12 yer old giggly girl. I went to there concert and realize that they where awsome and now I'm a big fan.. That has to be one of the coolest moments of my life. My freinds tell me now only you would turn down a celebrity. I was kind of rude to him and he was still a very nice guy.

Below are pictures taken from the July 28th concert at the Nissan Pavilion in Manassas, VA: