Whats up? I was just really bored one night and typed up a review of every song on the Celebrity album. I also rated them on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best. These are just MY OPINIONS and you might disagree. You can email me your own reviews at queenj085@yahoo.com and I'll put up a page for them. Alright have fun.

Pop - I have to be honest, I wasn't crazy about the song the first time I heard it. But it's definitely one of those songs that just grows on you and now I love it. Great dance beat and good message (and it's actually not about relationships). 9/10

Celebrity - Hmm... not a bad song but not the best. 6/10

The Game is Over - I love this song. It has a nice funky beat and cool computer-ish sound effects. Pretty cool and unique. 10/10

Girlfriend - Another song written by Justy and some other peeps. Kind of has a R&B sound to it. Overall pretty good. 9/10

The Two Of Us - This is probably my favorite song on the album. It's such a pretty song. lol. It's like the 2 Step garage sound they were talking about on the MTV Road to Celebrity thing. By the way, Craig David is really hot. 10/10

Gone - Such a pretty, pretty song. Really jazz/blues influenced. 10/10

Tell Me, Tell Me...Baby - One of the three songs that none of the NSync members wrote or helped write. It's a good song but it kinda sounds like a mix between BSB's The Call and Baby One More Time. I dunno... it's just too deja vu. 7/10

Up Against the Wall - A really dance-y song. Good up-tempo beat. 9/10

See Right Through You - Very cool. 10/10

Selfish - A beautiful ballad. One of those songs you'd want a guy to sing for you. You can actually picture yourself at the park at night looking at the stars and listening to this song with one of the NSync guys. Or all of them would be nice too. lol. And instead of listening to this song, they could be singing it for you. Sorry gettin a little carried away... 10/10

Just Don't Tell Me That - Really good song with a catchy tune. The kinda song that gets stuck in your head 24/7. 10/10

Something Like You - You can really hear them singing in this song and all the heart and emotion they put into the singing. Great ballad and the lyrics are pretty. See the nice little description I put for Selfish because it definitely applies to this song as well. 10/10

Do Your Thing - Nice mix of pop and R&B. There's even a little rapping. 9/10

Overall, this CD gets a 10 from me. It's nice to see them break away from all the traditional pop boy band image crap by experimenting with different styles of music and just being themselves. It's obvious they're not the typical manufactured boy band that Lou Pearlman and Trans Con use to make money off. They're not gonna be ordered around anymore and be something they're not and that's what I like about them. Plus they're really talented and GORGEOUS. Hope ya like the CD =)